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everything always in time will come
1st-Jan-2008 01:54 pm - Happy New Year
Happy 2008 =)

My goals...

Get back to the body weight/shape I was comfortable with.
...AKA stop eating McDonalds.
Be more financially stable.
Appreciate each day.
Don't worry SO much.
Continue learning how to cook!
Be 120% productive at work.
Catch up with friends I haven't seen in forever.
Don't worry so much.
Always be true to myself.

only look back for the HAPPY memories...
11th-Jul-2007 02:53 pm - July 2007
Last year, everyday during the month of July I wrote down something good/new/exciting that I did. Basically I wrote down something everyday that made me smile. I always consider July my special month, since my birthday is on the last day. So making this list forced me to appreciate the little things and not rush through the day without something to be happy for.

So I am doing it again this year. I really should try to do it everyday. I wish that I had taken a picture everyday to go along with these!

The list so far...

01 watched the race w. mom + david
02 met barrack obama! seriously cool
03 first beach trip of the summer w. ela + james
04 flea market = pretty things n mood rings!
05 drinks/food with my loves jake and megan
06 a dear co-worker's (john howrey) goodbye lunch
07 transformers, robots in disguise! also, 7-7-07!
08 sat poolside & tanned with nay
09 skinny came home from cali! lil celebration

What will July 11th have in store for me today?
24th-Jun-2007 11:28 am - No Doubt

I am smiling so big right now... oh and I also have goosebumps. No Doubt is baaaaack and it is making me so happy. I just read they got a group home in L.A. and are starting to work on/record a new record that will come out near the end of 2008.

They haven't recorded together since 2001!
24th-May-2007 11:29 am - Your key won't shine like this
I was so excited to get my Gwen Key necklace at the Boston concert last night.... which was amazing by the way!
11th-Mar-2007 04:16 pm - Everyone waits on the walk...
Last weeked I saw Hanson live at Toad's Place in CT. Needless to say, it was inspiring, beautiful, nostalgic, and so much fun. It's like I'm being reborn everytime I see them. It sounds weird, yes... but what I mean is everytime I see them, I can completely let go of any inhibition and experience such a pure happiness. I take that happiness with me right after the concert is over, and it influences everything that I do.

I showed my mom lyrics to "the walk" and we had a bonding over it. Listening to it at work on my headphones makes me tear up everytime. I have to make sure no one sees me because they will seriously think something is wrong. But the thing is, nothing is wrong. I am just so consumed by the song, the words, zac's voice, and what it all means to me individually. The story that is being told is powerful.

Ahh, springtime and hanson! Just like the old days. It is just the best feeling in the world. Speaking of spring, I actually tried to do some spring cleaning today. That always helps with making my life feel more organized :) Now I just really need to start working out and get back to my healthy self. It will be hard considering I am probably Mcdonalds numba one customer.

P.S. Here are the lyrics: Don't lose yourself in your fearCollapse )
22nd-Jan-2007 07:02 pm - Don't forget that you've livin
The patriots lost :(

That is sad, but I guess we must all move on! Man, Payton Manning though... he really sucks. Well he doesn't suck, he's wicked good. But he still sucks! I'm still at work, and its snowing.. very pretty. I'm kinda pissed off because I got a manicure and one of my nails already chipped. I had it for like 12 hours. I mean I fucking PAID MONEY for that. But it was cute because the woman at the nail salon asked me and Renee if we were sisters...awwww. Nope, just roomates and best friends!

I am having a hard time focusing on what I am doing. And I'm burnt out from work. POOOO! I think I am also stressed about money seeing as though I am BRRIIIZZZOOOKEEEE. That is my fault for spending all of it to go away for a fun snow filled weekend! OH WELL I'M OVER IT.

I ate some meatloaf today, weird I know. It was good though... tastey.
18th-Jan-2007 06:01 pm(no subject)
Finally, it is going to snow tomorrow! I'm so excited. AND its friday tomorrow which is just about the greatest thing ever. I have been stressed at work lately working on challenging projects. But I really do love my job. I saw on the news that people in bad moods are more likely to be more creative, focus better, and solve problems within the workplace. hmmmm, interesting! I sometimes think that may be true.

Speaking of snow, check out the lodge where I will be staying superbowl weekend!

I'm sooo excited man. We are going to try to rent snowmobiles!!!
16th-Jan-2007 04:42 pm - mmmmyeah
I have changed my LJ layout maybe 7 times in the past hour. What is going on mannnn, nothing satisfies me. Everything is pissing me off. I wanna watch TV, I'm missing so many shows! Okie dokie, I think I found a layout I like. Oh guess what, my jeep's windshield has a huge crack in it. Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. I have to pee now, and then do real work.
28th-Dec-2006 02:52 pm - Christmas cousins :)
3rd-Nov-2006 03:49 pm - LAMB for sale!
Need to sell ASAP:
TLIS hoodie(with 2 holes that I sewed up) $125
Donegal Toaster $175 OBO
Black Holiday Banner Tee $30
Black Strappy Banner Tank $20
Moss Thermal w. logo on side $20
Black Thermal w. banner logo on back - $20

Offers + Pics: LDstylee@Hotmail.com
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